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Studying the Competition

Carlo Chiti, head of Autodelta, gesticulates next to an amazing shelf of wind tunnel models related to the development of the Alfa Romeo Tipo 33.  Only please notice that the model just next to his left hand is clearly that of a Porsche 908/03 Spider.  Evidently, they were studying the competition very closely! Sadly the true nemesis of the Tipo 33 turned out to be the Ferrari 312 PB, which proved more reliable than the Alfa.

Hat tip to Off Camber for the photo


Objects of Desire: Prewar Auto Union Toys

Following on our Silver Arrows theme, have a look at these exquisite die cast Auto Union toys from the 1930s.

via Automobiliart

More info from the owner of these toys at Anakronismo


How to build your own Tamiya Lotus Seven

Following this month's Lotus Seven theme, here is an instructional video made as a student project by two Japanese communications design majors. It is a really cool visualization of how to assemble Tamiya's 1:24th scale Super Seven kit. And below is the finished product, built by yours truly. Of course, I had to add some custom details like the rims I had left over from -of all things- a Ferrari Dino kit, as well as extra engine detailing. I also scratch built the side exhaust shield-- and those little snaps on the tonneau cover? Those are pinheads inserted one at a time.  Tamiya had molded the fenders integrally with the body to cut cost, so painting the body a distinct color from the fenders required removing the fenders with a razor saw so that they could be painted separately.  All in all, a fun little build.  I have also made their breathtaking 1:12th scale Caterham Seven, but that's for another time...

Click the pics below for a full gallery of my Tamiya Lotus Seven. Special thanks to my dad for taking these photos for me on the spur of the moment!


Plasticville Lives! - The photos of Michael Paul Smith

Photographer and hobbyist Michael Paul Smith has a fascinating approach to combining his interests.  He sets up elaborate period dioramas depicting midcentury roadside life.  But what makes his work so brilliant is the clever way he photographs his 1/24 scale models outdoors against real backdrops, to make images so believeable you have to rub your eyes for a moment to figure out if what you are looking at is a model or not. No 21st century pixel-pushing for him.  He does all his wizardry in-camera. His photos of snowbound Edsels with period billboards in the background are dreamy and evocative, as are his night scenes with rainslick, deserted streetscapes.  His sense of composition, scale, and perspective are spot on.  As someone who grew up with a train layout in his basement and who has built scale models his whole life, the Automobiliac gives a hearty thumbs up to Mr. Smith's work!  Click here to visit his mind boggling Flickr Stream!

Photo Credit: Michael Paul Smith.