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Jaguar D Type in Detail

More than any other car, I always find that the Jaguar D-type shows the legacy of World War II aviation technology as it applied to postwar sports cars.  It's almost like a fighter plane on wheels, and the men who raced them in the dark and rain to victory at Le Mans were no less brave!

I love this photoset, but I don't know where it came from.  If anyone knows the photographer, I'd love to give credits here.


Objects of Desire: Prewar Auto Union Toys

Following on our Silver Arrows theme, have a look at these exquisite die cast Auto Union toys from the 1930s.

via Automobiliart

More info from the owner of these toys at Anakronismo


Auto Union Fist Bump

Jackie Ickx and Hans Stuck Jr. did a demonstration run of the immortal Auto Union C and D type Grand Prix cars.  I photoshopped this awesome photo to remove evidence of modern life and make it look more "period."

See the original HERE along with the full story.