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Objects of Desire: Prewar Auto Union Toys

Following on our Silver Arrows theme, have a look at these exquisite die cast Auto Union toys from the 1930s.

via Automobiliart

More info from the owner of these toys at Anakronismo


Worm's Eye View: Auto Union C-type

I don't recall exactly where I found this, but it's a really cool period photo I had never seen before showing the Auto Union C-type at speed. This might even be a record attempt on the Autobahn, given how straight the road is. I love these "worm's eye views" that were so popular in the 30s as a way to show the pure speed of the car hurtling towards you. The forced perspective is just fantastic!


Auto Union Fist Bump

Jackie Ickx and Hans Stuck Jr. did a demonstration run of the immortal Auto Union C and D type Grand Prix cars.  I photoshopped this awesome photo to remove evidence of modern life and make it look more "period."

See the original HERE along with the full story.