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Silver Arrows at Goodwood

The goodness just keeps on coming from my Goodwood Revival photo archive!  Enjoy the full gallery of Silver Arrows photos, from the period paddock to the on-track demonstration laps.  Note the ace driver lineup at the wheel of these machines! Click HERE for the full Gallery!


Objects of Desire: Prewar Auto Union Toys

Following on our Silver Arrows theme, have a look at these exquisite die cast Auto Union toys from the 1930s.

via Automobiliart

More info from the owner of these toys at Anakronismo


Silver Arrow domination: Grand Prix 1937

This wonderful video, posted by our friend Harlo over at the Chicane, is crammed with incredible footage of the 1937 Grand Prix season.  These images bear witness to the incredible talent and toughness of the drivers of those days. More akin to fighter pilots than the cosseted celebrity athletes of today, there is no doubt these were real men taming incredibly advanced machines.


Worm's Eye View: Auto Union C-type

I don't recall exactly where I found this, but it's a really cool period photo I had never seen before showing the Auto Union C-type at speed. This might even be a record attempt on the Autobahn, given how straight the road is. I love these "worm's eye views" that were so popular in the 30s as a way to show the pure speed of the car hurtling towards you. The forced perspective is just fantastic!


Auto Union Fist Bump

Jackie Ickx and Hans Stuck Jr. did a demonstration run of the immortal Auto Union C and D type Grand Prix cars.  I photoshopped this awesome photo to remove evidence of modern life and make it look more "period."

See the original HERE along with the full story.