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HRE 308 GT4

These photos were taken at Lime Rock in the late 80s, and posted recently on FerrariChat. Not much is known about this car or who built it. I find the air dam treatment makes the car look a lot like a BMW M1 or Lotus Esprit. The back treatment is rather cool, I must admit. Note the car bears Euro bumpers. Some delicious machinery is visible in the background implying a Ferrari Club track day.


Monday Moment of Zen

You've got your GT4 down to primer. What color would you choose?This is hypothetical. I have no plans to repaint mine!


Dino Verde

A very unusual color, but it is a factory shade!  Verde Germoglio. This is one of the few GT4's I have ever seen besides my own that has the double badging in the nose, which was done at the end of the Series 1 cars.


No Caption Needed

hat tip to Rob


GT4 in the making

I discovered this photo of a 1:1 scale maquette of the Dino GT4 in a book recently, and was quite excited, as I had never seen this photo before.  It's interesting to note the more flamboyant treatments of the air intakes and outlets when compared to the more restrained final design.  Gandini also did well by adding the additional character line along the flank of the final car to break up the vertical mass of the body. That line is absent on this early study. The elegant and subtle hood creases on the final car are also not yet defined on the unadorned nose area.

The production rear end treatment and bumpers are also far more delightful and nuanced than this maquette, meaning, I would assume, that this is one of the earliest full scale models made. Note that the maquette is described as a clay model, but I believe that Bertone and the other Italian design houses worked primarily in plaster models at the time, with clay being more prevalent in Detroit.