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Spot of Tea for Stirling

Love this shot.


Moss at Leisure

This is the only photo I have seen where Stirling Moss wears a beard. He appears to be relaxing at Sebring, post retirement here in the early 60s. I think the look suits him!


Video of the Week: Stirling Moss on the Art and Craft of Racing

Though the venerable Sir Stirling has now retired from racing, here is a video from probably about 15 years ago with some fantastic onboard footage and interesting commentary on how to driving rapidly in a 1959 Formula One car.


Video of the Week: Stirling Moss - Octane-genarian

Somehow I never saw this fun video til now. Moss is definitely the fastest 80 year old around! I love watching him at work at the 2009 Goodwood Revival in a Lotus Cortina.


Stirling Moss and his Slot Car track

I never knew Stirling was a fan of slot cars and models in general. This video shows him at home enjoying some friendly racing with the misses.  Also some fun shots of him working on a model kit toward the end! Plus there is a great cameo with Stirling's father as well.

Sorry about the watermark in the middle of the screen.