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Stirling Moss and his Slot Car track

I never knew Stirling was a fan of slot cars and models in general. This video shows him at home enjoying some friendly racing with the misses.  Also some fun shots of him working on a model kit toward the end! Plus there is a great cameo with Stirling's father as well.

Sorry about the watermark in the middle of the screen.


The Slot Car Track to end all Slot Car Tracks

I saw this amazing setup via the New York Times, and had to share.  The attention to detail in this custom-made slot car track is phenominal, but what really sets this basement layout apart is the fact that its Michigan-based creator, James Harlan, designed the whole layout in 3D CAD, and had the track's undulating surfaces milled by CNC! He even mathematically defined realistic racing lines for the cars to follow.  I just love how he brought 21st Century technology to bear on what is really a mid-20th Century hobby that peaked in the late 1960's.  Check out Mr. Harlan's fascinating and richly-illustrated website here.

All images belong to James Harlan.   Hat tip to Matthew for the heads-up!