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The Lion on the Hunt

Since commenter Pilote has now stirred my boyhood memories of Elkhart Lake 1993, I have to share Nigel's blisteringly fast qualifying performance at that race--at a track he'd never seen before.  What a man, and what a season he had!


Video of the Week: Lola T-70 laps Elkhart Lake

One of my favorite cars ever at one of the best tracks in North America.  Crank up the volume!  You may wish to skip the first minute.


Can Am Slides: Window to the Past

As a child, I used to love looking at my dad's old Kodak slides on the carousel viewer. In a darkened room, something about the hues and shades of the 1960s on Ektachrome film projected on the wall just seems better than real life. On ebay right now, a seller named Motorbookbroker has some absolutely fantastic medium format color transparencies for sale depicting racing in the mid 1960s.  Most are from Can Am and sports car races, and since they are original slides, if you buy them, you buy the rights to them as well. I'd say that's pretty swell.

I have selected my favorite 8 of them in a gallery HERE for your viewing pleasure. I have no affiliation with the seller and I hope he appreciates the free advertising!


Gotta love this lawn ornament

This 1978 Lola T333 is a pretty odd looking bird, but underneath lurks a totally menacing beast! Click the pic to see the full ad and photos of the bare chassis.


Spring Weekend Moment of Zen

Hope many of your are tinkering in the garage today!

Hat tip to Off Camber!