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Anyone have 100 Grand I can borrow?

My favorite Mangusta race car, profiled a while back on Automobiliac is suddenly available on ebay!  I want it so badly.

Check it out HERE

Hat tip to Syed.


Mangusta Love

This lovely example was on ebay a while back, and was so hot I had to save the pics. I don't think I have seen a better looking color combo on this car than black with the gold rims.  I'm not a fan of aftermarket hoods, but in this case, I think the extra "power bulge" on this car's front adds a certain aggressiveness even beyond the stock appearance. I wish I had been in a position to purchase this car. Which reminds me, please click on my google ads!!


Lancia Delta HF Integrale for sale -- In NYC!

I'm filing this baby under "objects of desire."  Whoever takes this car home is in for a lot of TLC and some degree of aggravation finding parts because the car definitely needs some work. But boy is this ever a cool car, hyper rare to see in North America. The next owner is going to have an absolute blast once this thing is sorted!  Along with the GTV6, the Delta Integrale it is the quintessential 80s Italian "Muscle Car."  Unlike the GTV6, though, the Lancia has a staggering record of Rally championships to give it ultimate cachet. The car is available here on ebay. Currrent bid is 13K with the reserve unmet. Not bad for legally titled car you can't get anywhere. These photos appear to have been taken in TriBeca.


Objects of Desire: Vintage Helmet Bags

Lately I have been trolling around ebay a lot, looking at these awesome vintage helmet bags that come up for auction from time to time.  Somewhere in the far reaches of the internets are folks willing to shell out top dollar for these things. I am consistently astonished at how high the ending bids are on these items. Above is a compilation of some of the best ones I have seen on ebay so far. The upper left one is actually NOS from the 60s and had a buy it now price of over $600! Funny thing is, they aren't real leather and they are really poorly made.  BUT THEY ARE SO COOL! I want one!


Intriguing eBay Alfa Mystery

I have been watching a Belgian eBay auction lately for what is described as an Alfa Romeo Barchetta Sport, from 1954.  I was quite taken with the car's lovely, voluptuous lines, but perturbed because I had never seen a car quite like this before, and was sort of shocked at the lack of detailed information in the eBay listing considering the rarity of this vehicle:

"Rare Alfa Romeo Barchetta Sport, Totally rebuild over the past 2 years, Aluminium body, Freshly rebuild 1900cc engine, 120hp, 4-speed gearbox, Renewed brown leather interior, Black wirewheels, Adjustable suspension,.. Outstanding condition!  FIA regularity passport available."

I emailed the seller for more info about the car's provenance but received no reply yet. Does anyone know what this car is, or if it is even real??  The only similar car I can find is the "flat sided" Disco Volante also known as the C52 1900.  I don't know how many were made, but one is in the Schlumpf museum (see below). If this is a sister car, wouldn't it be worth a hell of a lot?? Anyone share to shed any light on this puzzle? Replica or Real??

-UPDATE: I received this reply from the seller regarding the car's history:

This is a car that we bought it this current condition. No racing history found on this car.  We suppose this car was build somewhere in the 60’s by a private coachbuilder and never really raced in the past. We have imported this car from South America. During it’s restoration the car received some modifications regarding it’s suspension and chassis has received some modifications too to adopt this body. The complete technical aspect of this car has been rebuild or restored to new. It is really a great joy to drive. A FIA passport was also obtained for rallying the car in Europe if the  new owner would consider.