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Sleeping Beauty: Porsche 912

This morning, I was fortunate enough to drop in on a friend of mine who has recently acquired a very nice piece of machinery for himself.  He hasn't sorted it out yet, but the car's sheer presence was enough to make me catch my breath as its timeless form emerged from the hulking, modern SUV it was parked behind.  This dark green Porsche 912 really looks fantastic in person, having benefitted from a top notch respray 8 years ago, yet it retains a lived-in feel that I found intoxicating when I sat inside.  My friend has some big plans for this car, and I can't wait to see how it comes out once he goes through it and makes a few tweaks.  Let's have a vote: Who thinks he should keep the original wheel (shown), vs. replacing it (dont worry he isn't throwing it out, folks!) with a 3-spoke 917-style leather/matte black racing wheel?

Enjoy the full gallery HERE. Sorry there arent more exterior shots, as it was close quarters in the parking garage!


Automobiliac Video of the Week: Toyota 2000GT Speed Trial vintage footage

I probably should have posted this earlier for you to watch while you digested your turkey, but better late than never...

I always think of the Toyota 2000GT as a swingin' Grand Tourer with incredibly beautiful lines, but I had never really seen one race-prepped at full song before. Here is some wonderful vintage footage of Toyota's 72 hour speed trial at Yatabe test track, back in 1966. The music is hit or miss, and the editing could be a lot tighter (it's also entirely in Japanese), but there is some truly awesome footage with gorgeous composition in there that will reward close viewing of this 9 minute video. If you don't have time for the whole thing, I might suggest the dream-like night sequence starting at 3:01, and the mesmermizing clip starting at 7:04 which almost looks like a Wes Anderson film!

Crank up the speakers when the 2000GT wails by, looking almost like a Cobra Daytona Coupe on a fish and rice diet!  Click here for more info about this car, with photos!


Lime Rock Historics Moment of Zen

Well, because of impending travel, I didn't get to go to this year's Lime Rock Vintage Festival, and I am really bummed. But while I am gone for about a week, here are two photos from last year's races to tide you over!


Automobiliac video of the week: Vintage Porsche 911 2.0 cuts like a power oversteer knife through Spa qualifying traffic!

This Porsche 911 driver really has a sense of how to get the most of his car's handling characteristics.  911's are notoriously tail happy, but he doesn't seem over-concerned about that as he confidently powers through the fast bends at Spa with a healthy dose of opposite lock.  This is committed driving at its best.  The fact that he can blow away that Porsche 904 (1:11), not to mention 2 other 911s really demonstrates how much speed he is carrying.  Watch how quickly he closes in on that Ford Falcon as he exits Eau Rouge (0:45).  It is almost as if they Falcon driver hits the brakes! And the 3-abreast pass (2:32) around the E-type and what looks like an MGB is pretty hair raising also!

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