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Automobiliac video of the week: Vintage Porsche 911 2.0 cuts like a power oversteer knife through Spa qualifying traffic!

This Porsche 911 driver really has a sense of how to get the most of his car's handling characteristics.  911's are notoriously tail happy, but he doesn't seem over-concerned about that as he confidently powers through the fast bends at Spa with a healthy dose of opposite lock.  This is committed driving at its best.  The fact that he can blow away that Porsche 904 (1:11), not to mention 2 other 911s really demonstrates how much speed he is carrying.  Watch how quickly he closes in on that Ford Falcon as he exits Eau Rouge (0:45).  It is almost as if they Falcon driver hits the brakes! And the 3-abreast pass (2:32) around the E-type and what looks like an MGB is pretty hair raising also!