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Object of Desire: Halda SpeedPilot



   You have already heard me wax poetic about Heuer Monte Carlo dashboard timers a while back, but here is a very interesting device from the same time period, used as an onboard time-speed-distance computer for rally and trial events.  The Halda SpeedPilot is a fascinating Swedish-made timing enhancement device that I would love to fit in my Lancia Fulvia HF some day...when I eventually get a Fulvia HF, that is...






The upper photo I took of a Halda inside a vintage Alfa GTA, but they were also commonly found in Minis, Escorts, and other 1960s rally cars.

Priced in-period as a $95.00 add-on, the SpeedPilot is considerably more valuable today.  There is a nice example available on ebay right now if anyone's interested! Only 800 bucks!


New Obsession - Vintage Heuer Dashboard Stopwatches

I was browsing ebay the other day and discovered that I need one of these. Badly.  My fantasies of ownership were stoked by the opening bid of a trifling 20 dollars.  But, some 15 bids later, my daydreams of timing laps around Lime Rock with my very own classic Heuer Monte Carlo were shattered when the auction closed at a jaw-dropping $1428.00

Great.  Just one more unattainable motoring item to covet...

If this makes you salivate, check out a whole site devoted to Heuer dashboard timers here.