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Video of the Week: Alfa GTA onboard at Laguna Seca

It's probably unhealthy the amount of hours I spend thinking about doing this...


Monterey Historics: In the Abstract

One thing I love about classic racing cars is the paint schemes! So pure. So iconic. Today's liveries are so convoluted, so filled with minor sponsor clutter. Only rarely do today's racing car graphics have the visual impact seen on the older cars. Click the shots below for the full gallery!


Monterey Historics 2011 Gallery and Video

The first installment from my trip (by popular demand) is my photoset from the Monterey Historic Races at Laguna Seca. Over the next week or so, I'll keep adding more and more content from the eventful week I spent at Pebble Beach and Monterey! The track is legendary so it was really a special treat for me to visit the place for the first time. I found it to be much like Road America in scale, and like Elkhart Lake, to see the whole circuit required a fair amount of hiking up and down hilly terrain.  I must say the corkscrew really blew my mind. After seeing hundreds of photos of the corner, I was unprepared for how steep the thing really is! And what impressed me even more is how incredibly step the downhill section of track is that immediately follows the corkscrew. On TV and video, you really can't see the extent of the incline. I gained new respect for the skill and bravery it takes to get around Laguna Seca watching these guys!After a lot of walking, we found a really excellent vantage point on the outside of turn 6. Here, you can look down on the cars, but are still quite close, and you can watch them fly through the turn and power their way all the way up the hill towards the corkscrew at full throttle. The sound was incredible. I hope you all enjoy the videos. The cars got progressively faster and louder as the day went on!

CLICK HERE or on any of the photos for the full glorious photo gallery!

Of course, one of the highlights was listening to the magnificent sounds of the field of Ferrari GTOs. Make sure you crank up your speakers for that one, folks!


Automobiliac Video of the Week: Shifter Kart at Laguna Seca

Imagine going through the corkscrew 3 inches off the ground! This video will make your hair stand on end!

via Axis of Oversteer

hat tip to Drew


Automobiliac Video of the week: Earth Pounding thrills in the McLaren M6B

Driver Gary Sheehan has posted some awesome driving videos on Youtube. The best are those of him driving the ex Jo Bonnier 1968 McLaren M6B Can Am car.  Here are two favorites:

In the first video, he laps Laguna Seca in anger with 600hp at his command. In the second he is at Sears Point (Infineon Raceway). The second video is shakier, but it's great because you can watch the throttle linkage rise and fall in the center of the frame, showing you exactly what his right foot is doing!