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Subaru's "Choose your own Adventure" Multi-view Rally-Cam!

Subaru of Canada has a particularly cool new set of videos on youtube that allow you to select from a variety of simultaneous camera angles while watching driver Pat Richard and navigator Alan Ockwell pilot their WRX STI through some thrilling terrain! Enjoy!

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Click and Clack coined the term "Subaris", which is why we have to keep telling ourselves on our favorite driving roads: "this is not a special stage, this is not a special stage, this is not a special stage"

Subaris of course referring to a subaru drivers' overconfidence in the snow. I forgot the term for the spinning off and getting stuck in a ditch that results, but like the rear view in this video - it's not important!

January 11, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterGabe

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