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Automobiliac Video of the Week: Lancia Rally cars on Japanese roads

Here's a video I had to share just for its sheer surrealism. Imagine you are driving along a Japanese highway and come across an Alitalia-liveried Lancia Stratos in the other lane. Now imagine you happen to be driving your own Martini-liveried Lancia Delta HF Integrale...too cool!

Here is a wonderfully dreamy little video from the same youtube account from inside the Stratos, along with a pleasing Hip-Hop beat. This guy is really adept at taking awesome footage with one hand while driving with the other!


How to get an Italian crowd back on your side after you mess up

I had to share this little clip.  Driver spins out. Driver heckled. Driver does wicked donut/burnout maneuver. Crowd LOVES IT!

and a second angle!


Automobiliac Video of the week: Alfa Romeo GTV6 Rally Footage

The slow motion drift footage at the start of this clip should get you going.  And if that isn't enough, just watch the clip of Yves Loubet in the Rothmans-liveried GTV6 attack the curves with unbridled aggression around the 44 second mark. Wow. Footage like this makes me proud to own a GTV6! Not that I am capable of driving mine like that or anything...

Sorry it's all in French, by the way.

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